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Read what some of happy parents have to say about Little Scholars Pre-School.

"Sophia has loved her time at Little Scholars and learnt so much in preparation for primary school. She loves going into pre-school every day and is greeted by a smile and a warm welcome. It's a home from home, I would like to thank... read more"

Emma Bailey
28th June 2019

"I have found Little Scholars to be the perfect playschool for my daughter. I have lots of reasons why I would recommend this playschool. It's very close-knit interaction between the teachers and parents is amazing. They are always... read more"

Ian Cullen
27th June 2019

"Little Scholars has been a great experience for my son Adam. Tracey and Linda showed great interest in Adam, as he has a speech delay, they helped him come on so much since September. He is now ready for junior infants... read more"

Tanya Carr
25th June 2019

"I found this pre-school very good as everyone is friendly and Aiman is happy to attend every day because he enjoys everyone's company and learns new things every day. The environment is very safe. The teachers looked... read more"

Rahima Akther
24th June 2019

"Both my daughters attend Little Scholars and they absolutely love it. They are always so happy when I collect them and keen to tell me about their day, what they did and learnt. My daughters made great friends in Little Scholars... read more"

Lynsey Scallon
19th June 2019

"I can't recommend Little Scholars enough, my daughter Kayla has come on so much when she started here. Her speech her shyness and confidence has been amazing, Tracey and Linda are amazing with the kids. I have sent all four... read more"

Edel McLoughlin
18th June 2019

"Amber has loved her time at Little Scholars. Tracey and Linda have been great with Amber and the other kids. Amber says she is going to miss them when she goes to big school... read more"

18th June 2019

"In my opinion the teachers help the children to gain new experience in pre-school and as we all know, it may not be easy for the little ones. Little Scholars will help them to learn new skills and also develop their language... read more"

Alina Bicuiel
17th June 2019

"It's a really nice pre-school, lots of toys and a great outside play area. My daughter has been going for about a year and she loves it. Every day, she comes home happy and excited about her day (full of music and art). Thank you... read more"

Kataryna Stysimska
17th June 2019

"Since my daughter started Little Scholars Pre-School back in September 2018, she has thrived in everything. The teachers are amazing with all the kids, they go above and beyond for them. I would definitely recommend Little Scholars... read more"

Melissa Wald
14th June 2019

"I heard about Little Scholars from my friend. I couldn't recommend this school enough. Tracey, Linda and Ger are just wonderful in what they do with the children. They are warm friendly, always happy... read more"

Anna Kiy
12th June 2019

"Little Scholars has been a great experience for my child. The teachers were friendly and polite and showed a real interest in the children when they wanted to share information. All teachers were approachable with any worries... read more"

Sharon Hendrick
27th June 2018

"Hands down the best pre-school. All of my daughters have started their school journey with Little Scholars - best decision I have made for them. The teachers are lovely and so caring. I know my children are always well looked after... read more"

Marje Adel
27th June 2018

"This is Sophia's second year in Little Scholars and her confidence has grown so much. She is always so excited to go into school in the mornings. She always has some lovely stories to tell or songs to sing at home... read more"

Nicola Finnegan
27th June 2018

"I couldn't recommend Little Scholars any more highly. My daughter transferred from her previous pre-school the following year, so naturally as a parent the change was daunting and nerve-wrecking, for myself... read more"

Gillian Salmon
26th June 2018

"My Daughter Amelia-Rose has attended Little Scholars for the last two years. As with my son who also attended a few years back, we found the girls and the manager Tracey very pleasant to deal with... read more"

Karen McArdle
25th June 2018

"I am very thankful to all the staff in Little Scholars especially Tracey for making a tremendous effort in making sure my daughter has adapted well! It's taken some time but she is very happy there... read more"

Hanna Marchik
25th June 2018

"Daniel has been attending Little Scholars Pre-School since September 2016 and has enjoyed every day. He has made lots of friends and has become very socially confident. Tracey, Linda, Geraldine and Harlene have always been amazing... read more"

Anna Jones-Cleary
22nd June 2018

"Noah enjoyed his year at Little Scholars. He loved the interaction with his little school friends. Noah learned his alphabet which has helped with his development. Overall he loved his school... read more"

Natasha Eccles
22nd June 2018

"The teachers were great, they helped my son develop many new skills. They treated him very well as when he came home he always talked about the new things the teachers helped him with. My son is usually a shy child, hoverer... read more"

Salma Akter
21st June 2018

"I cannot speak highly enough of Tracey and the team at Little Scholars. All required communication has been easily received, and all the staff are always happy. Amber has loved her experience this year... read more"

Daniel Ralstor
20th June 2018

"I heard from my friends about Little Scholars. All of the teachers are very good and looked after my child very well. Thanks to Tracey, Linda & Ger xxxx. I have already recommended the pre-school to all of my friends... read more"

Fatema Alamijir
29th June 2017

"Nathan loved going to school every day. He spoke about his friends all of the time and what he learned, coloured and played with. I'm dreading sending him to school as I always had peace of mind with Tracey and Linda knowing he was looked after so well... read more"

Fiona Keaney
28th June 2017

"Little Scholars is a great pre-school. I have a nice experience like parents with the teachers. I am very thankful for the work of the teachers. My son has been included in the group very easily. The teachers are very careful and patient... read more"

27th June 2017

"Holly has attended Little Scholars 2 years in a row before she starts primary school. Although Holly learned a lot in her first year I thought that a second year wouldn't be as challenging. In fact it was the opposite. I think attending... read more"

Andrea Canning
27th June 2017

"I highly recommend Little Scholars Pre-School to other people. The teachers are very friendly. I am happy with my sons progress at Little Scholars... read more"

Kataryna Stysimska
16th June 2017

"I would highly recommend Little Scholars to anyone who is looking for a pre-school. I have a 12 year old son who started off in pre-school with Tracey and Linda and he loved it so much. He still talks about it to this day. So when I had another child there was no hesitation as where to send her... read more"

Karen McArdle
16th June 2017

"Daniel is my second child to attend Little Scholars. I really couldn't have picked a better pre-school. He has always been fond of learning but socially he's come on leaps and bounds. Tracey, Linda and Ger are fantastic... read more"

Anna Jones-Cleary
15th June 2017

"Choosing a pre-school for my son was huge for me as he has mild autism and after looking at many other pre-schools I came across Little Scholars online. I first met with Tracey and knew straight away that this was the place for Lewis... read more"

Carol Clare
14th June 2017

"Little Scholars Pre-School is excellent and I would highly recommend any parent to send their child there. Tracey and Linda are the two nicest women I have ever met. They are brilliant with my son. He has learned so much... read more"

Ciara Ellis
14th June 2017

"Tylers attitude to life changed completely on his first day at pre-school. Prior to that day he was reluctant to grow up and leave his baby phase behind him. However he took on the role of becoming a little boy with loads to learn and do... read more"

Taria Callaghan
14th June 2017

"Little Scholars has been recommended by friends of mine. As it was the first time to leave Sophia with somebody other than family I was looking for assurance. Tracey and Linda are amazing with all the children. From day one I knew when I left Sophia was in great hands... read more"

Nicola Finnegan
13th June 2017

"My older daughter was in Little Scholars two years ago. That way my youngest daughter went there aswell. At the moment I can't recommend Little Scholars to somebody because I don't know any kids in our area that are this age, but if I did I would recommend the pre-school for sure... read more"

Justyna Sienice-Filis
13th June 2017

"I would recommend Little Scholars to everyone I know. We have had nothing but exceptional experiences! Extremely reliable and staff are amazing. Sophie has had an amazing time, always delighted to go to school and we have really... read more"

Jillian Craig
13th June 2017

"I could not recommend Little Scholars enough. My little girl Zarah loved it from day one. She has come on so well, not only from an academic point but socially. She was very quiet in September, now twelve months on she is constantly chatting, singing songs and has met a little circle of friends... read more"

Karen Mooney
23rd June 2016

"I would highly recommend Little Scholars Pre-School to others. From day one there was an open door policy. Our little girls skips in and is very happy.

The atmosphere is warm and bright... read more"

Ruth Ennis
22nd June 2016

"I would highly recommend Little Scholars. My children settled in really well even though they were late starting as we had moved to the area after September.

The staff are amazing and the children adore them. There is a lovely atmosphere at the school and my children have learned so much in the last 8 months... read more"

Anita Lunugh
21st June 2016

"Anna has thoroughly enjoyed her pre-school year with Little Scholars. She looks forward to school every day and enjoys all of the activities from singing and dress-up to learning 'letterland'.

All of the teachers a very professional and easy to deal with, and very encouraging towards the kids... read more"

Margo Mulhall
21st June 2016

"Little Scholars is a fantastic pre-school. I feel that Jessica has learned and developed a huge amount since starting in September.

Jessica loved going to school each morning which was great to see her so happy and well... read more"

Charlene Kiernan
16th June 2016

"Little Scholars is a fantastic pre-school. My eldest son went to this school six years ago, he loved it and came on great.

Since September Emma has come on great. She has learned a lot from her fantastic teachers and loved going to school every day. She couldn't wait to get to school to learn her letters, numbers, colours and especially the songs... read more"

Tanya Carr
16th June 2016

"Little Scholars is a great school. I have had two of my kids here. My son previously came here and my daughter Isra is here at the moment, she really looks forward to going in every day, especially Friday!

Tracey, Linda and Ger are very attentive to each of the kids and are very pleasant to talk and deal with... read more"

Rabeya Mazid
15th June 2016

"I found the staff very appreciative and considerate of Holly's celiac diet when there are kids birthday partys etc.

Holly enjoys interacting with both the teachers and the children. She loves going to school and as parents we can see the benefits of Holly's attendance when she sings her songs to us and shows us her artwork... read more"

Andrea Kearns
3rd June 2016

"The staff at Little Scholars Pre-School were very friendly and approachable. They were always available to assist in any way.

My daughter socialised and acclimatised quickly and easily. Little Scholars Pre-School is a first rate pre-school from top to bottom... read more"

Paul Craig
3rd June 2016

"I found Little Scholars very useful for my child and it's a great pre-school. I'm glad that my child is in this pre-school.

It was a great experience with the manager and also the teachers. The teachers were really good and nice with the children... read more"

Allia Ullah
2nd June 2016

"My son Ryan was very happy in the pre-school. He loved the teachers and loved going in every day. I found the manager very nice and friendly.

I would recommend the school to all my friends and family. All in all it has been a very good experience... read more"

Tracy Byrne
2nd June 2016

"My only regret with Little Scholars Pre-School is, if I had of known about it I would have pre-schooled my other two children here.

From the first day of meeting Tracey and Linda, I knew my child would be safe and happy... read more"

Celine Donohoe
2nd June 2016

"I found Little Scholars brilliant! I have seen a big difference in my child since starting last September. He has learned so much and has nothing but good to say about his teachers

He loves going to pre-school and I like how welcoming the teachers are with both the children and their parents. The contact with the manager was very good and I have never had a problem with anything... read more"

Samantha O'Keeffe
2nd June 2016

"I found Little Scholars Pre-School to be an excellent school for my daughter. She has learnt so much since starting here 2 years ago. She loves going in each and every day.

The teachers are very dedicated to each and every child and it is clear that the children are very happy and content in their care... read more"

Lisa Byrne
24th June 2015

"Our son started in Little Scholars Pre-School in September 2014. The teachers were fantastic in helping to settle him in as he was upset for the first couple of weeks.

He then skipped into school without a backward glance thanks to the patience and encouragement from the teachers Tracey and Linda. They are fantastic teachers and are so approachable... read more"

Caren Donnelly
17th June 2015

"I am very happy for you. I want to say that you're teaching Nehal very well. Thank you for doing all that, now Nehal can say and speak English very well.

Thank you... read more"

15th June 2015

"I am absolutely delighted with Little Scholars Pre-School. My daughter loves going to school.

The teachers are great, very understanding and helpful. If anything is wrong they notify you immediately and meanwhile take the best care of the child... read more"

Marje Adel
12th June 2015

"My son Cooper has come on so much since starting in Little Scholars. He was a bit afraid at first but after 1-2 weeks he settled in fine.

His learning skills are very good, he loved his class mates and teachers. He will be very sad when he has to finish... read more"

Ulina O'Keefe
27th May 2015

"Little Scholars has been a fantastic experience for my daughter Lucie. When she started in September she wasn't good at sharing or mixing with other children her own age as she had been alone with me most days but very soon she was enjoying being with the other children and now shares everything with any child in school and anywhere else I take her... read more"

Sharon Kerry
26th May 2015

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care and good service you have in your school.

The teachers were really nice and comprehensive and the manager as well.

I would like to thank you again because during the school year, my son has improved in manners, communication, speech and many more... read more"

Clarisse Flaure Magwon
26th May 2015

"We found the Little Scholars Pre-School a very happy place for our child. She always loved going back to school after a breaks and would talk about how kind and good her teachers were.

She loved doing the activities in school, which she would come home and make her brothers do with her. She enjoyed the experience, and so did we. Thank you to all the staff, much appreciated... read more"

Esnath Matanitiice
26th May 2015

"With Zara being my only child, I was, as all first time mothers, nervous. After meeting Tracey she put me at ease and assured me that she would be fine.

All the staff are lovely, friendly and very approachable... read more"

Lisa Kavanagh
25th May 2015

"The teachers were very nice, helpful and thoughtful concerning each child. It was a very nice experience.

I would recommend Little Scholars 100% to other people... read more"

Tara Kavanagh
25th May 2015

"My daughter Carlina started in Little Scholars in September 2015. When she first started she loved being there but didn't want me to leave. The teachers were very understanding and patient.

They mad the experience much more bearable. Since then she loves going in every day. It's lovely to see how happy she is going in, I couldn't be happier with the teachers... read more"

25th May 2015

"I found Little Scholars a fantastic pre-school. It is a very well organised school. My son really learned a lot and grew into himself as a child.

The teachers were lovely, very friendly and the manager is a lovely person. My son talks very highly of all his teachers... read more"

Tania Callaghan
25th May 2015

"I have found Little Scholars to be an excellent pre-school. Ava really looks forward to going to school every morning and when she comes home she has plenty of stories about how she has enjoyed her day with her teachers and her friends.

I have found Ava has developed a lot since attending Little Scholars and is much more outgoing... read more"

Carlie Tracey
22nd May 2015

"I found Little Scholars on the internet because I moved to Clondalkin. I was looking for a pre-school close to home.

Both teachers are very nice and friendly for children and parents. I am happy that Julia could go to this pre-school and that the teachers care about my daughter... read more"

Justyna Sienica-Filus
22nd May 2015

"This is our second experience at Little Scholars. Our last child attended in the opening year and again the following year. he loved it so much we sent Megan!

Megan loves getting up in the morning for pre-school. She loves both her teachers and is always welcomed with a big smile every morning. Megan has come on in leaps and bounds this year - she now has her numbers and letters and is even practising writing in the mornings before school.

We have had no issues with Megan and Little Scholars this year. Staff are completely approachable and completely understanding to each individual child's needs. I have recommended Little Scholars in the past to my friends who have enjoyed the experiences as much as me, and I will be definitely be recommending in the future.... read more"

Karen McDermott
7th May 2014

"Little Scholars is a great pre-school. I have had all three of my kids here! My two sons previously came here and my daughter is here at the moment, she really looks forward to going in every day.

Tracey and Linda are very attentive to each of the kids and are very pleasant to talk and deal with. It is great when my daughter comes home and has learnt new songs and letters and is excited to sing them to me... read more"

Edel McLoughlin
6th May 2014

"My three sons have attended Little Scholars for their pre-school year and all three have loved their time there.

The school itself has three spacious rooms - beautifully decorated with cartoon characters, very clean with an enclosed garden and outdoor toys. There is a buzzer system to gain entry via secure side gate.

All the teachers - Tracey, Linda & Martina are so approachable and put a lot of their time into ensuring the children settle in well. My boys bring home beautiful artwork - very creative from the teachers and everything is dated and hand drawn which is a real personal touch... read more"

Patricia Harte
1st May 2014

"The teachers and manager in Little Scholars Pre-School explained everything they do with the children and helped our son settle in very quickly.

The teachers who looked after our son are very pleasant and helpful and when our sons come home he is always talking about them and has made great progress at Little Scholars.

I would recommend Little Scholars Pre-School to anybody looking to put their child into pre-school... read more"

John Donegan
11th April 2014

"Our Ana started in September 2013 and 2 and a half years old. She went in as quite a little girl but we knew it would be the best thing for her. After her second week she was like a different child coming out of herself and loving her new friends and teachers.

Linda and Tracey from day one were a pleasure to deal with, always friendly and approachable. They are fantastic with the kids acknowledging birthdays and outside achievements, in my Ana's case, she won medals at her first dance competition and she was rewarded with a certificate of achievement from Tracey and celebrated her success with her friends... read more"

Ann Scully
11th April 2014

"Little Scholars is one of the best pre-schools in this area. They are really taking care of your child in this school. The teachers are very friendly. There are lots of playing things for the children.

Last year my son was in this pre-school and this year my daughter goes. I would recommend that if you are bringing a child to pre-school, bring them to Little Scholars, they can learn a lot of educational things... read more"

Jafar Iqbal
11th April 2014

"Kayden has been in Little Scholars Pre-School for two years. He has learned so much and is a much happier child since he started. He comes home singing all his new songs and is an expert at the alphabet.

The teachers Tracey and Linda are both lovely and you can tell how much they love children by the smiles in the children's faces when you drop them off.

I would highly recommend Little Scholars, definitely one of the best around where you can trust leaving your young child and not worry about it. Kayden will be very sad to leave this year and we are so glad we discovered Little Scholars when we did... read more"

Margaret Dolan
10th April 2014

"My son Riley has attended Little Scholars for the last year and he loves it.

The teachers are excellent with him, I've even found when talking with them that they know him so well right down to his little ticks and triggers. This makes you feel so confident that your child is in a great school where they really look after and get to know your child on a one to one basis.

The feedback is always great to have and the teachers go through it with you and it's helpful sometimes, for example if he was in a bit of a cranky mood before you got there and you hear he was fine as soon as mammy had left... read more"

Maria McCabe
9th April 2014

"We have found Little Scholars to be a great experience for Áine. Since attending we can see a big improvement in her confidence and interaction with other people.

She loves all the songs and art work she has done. The staff have been great and seem to have a great attitude towards the kids.

We would definitely recommend Little Scholars to other parents... read more"

Susan Kavanagh
9th April 2014

"I found Little Scholars to be a wonderful introduction into a school environment. James always loved interaction with children and to learn but he has particularly loved his experiences at Little Scholars.

All the teachers were fantastic. James had his favourites though, always talking and singing what 'teacher' taught him, and they made it fun... read more"

Anna Jones Cleary
8th April 2014

"We researched a few preschools in Clondalkin before we chose Little Scholars. We have to say we made a great choice. Little Scholars is the best pre-school in Clondalkin.

Our daughter really enjoyed going every day. She learned so much and brought home lots of art work which we have placed all around our home. Laura speaks about Tracey and Linda every day and sometimes does not want to leave school and her friends when its time to leave.

We would highly recommend  and have done so to our friends to anyone thinking of a preschool for their child. A million thanks to Tracey and Linda you have been very important in Laura’s introduction to her early education. She will really miss you both and all her friends."

Amelia and Jakub Antkowiak
17th June 2013

"I found Little Scholars to be run very well. My girls came on really well this year, learning lots of new things and singing new songs. They were very happy and settled in very well, which says a lot about the teachers.

I found the teachers very nice to deal with and very approachable. My girls now run into school every day which is great to see. I look forward to sending them again next year... read more"

Karen Reilly
16th June 2013

"Little Scholars is a fantastic pre-school from the moment I rang, Tracey was so helpful, my nephew went to this school a couple of years ago and loved it, so I decided to put Ava in.

Since September, Ava has come on great, it is  a great start to her early education, she comes home everyday having learned something new, letters, numbers, colours, etc and singing songs which she loves to do.

Tracey and Linda are fantastic teachers, always make you feel at ease, they are very patient, and very caring and very east to talk to, if any concerns, Ava is always talking about them, Tracey this and Linda that, which I think is very positive.

The school is very safe which was important and put my mind at ease. I would definitely recommend this preschool as for Avas first year in education, it was brilliant. I cant praise it enough... read more"

Laura Quinn
16th June 2013

"We have had two of our children attend Little Scholars at different times. Both children enjoyed the experience. They always looked forward to going in and never came home unhappy.

We found the teachers capable of getting the children ready for national school. They always interact with the children and helped them to be more outgoing.

I would recommend Little Scholars with no hesitation as our children have greatly benefited from attending... read more"

Mark Casey
11th June 2013

"This was my daughter Alannahs 2nd year attending the school and it was a great relief to find she loved going into school each morning. The teachers every morning are at the door to greet Alannah as she starts her day.

Even though I don’t see it there is great interaction between the teachers and Alannah as she come home and tells me stories about the teachers. Example: Today she told me Linda broke her finger. I asked how did she do that? She was running after her dog and she fell and landed in a hole, broke her finger and had to get a needle.

It was a brilliant two years for Alannah and us knowing she was being well cared for. A big Thank you to Tracy and her staff. She will miss you all something terrible. I would highly recommend Little Scholars to other people... read more"

Lynn Murphy
11th June 2013

"I found out about your pre-school from my neighbours. She mentioned her son had attended it and they were very satisfied.

At the beginning we had some doubts considering Matas age and his English speaking skills, because at home we only speak our native language, however we decided it would be good for our son to spend some time in this multicultural environment in which he can speak English with other children and make new friends. Now we are satisfied with the decision we made.

The school is located close to our home, our son improved his English language. We have collected quiet a big amount of drawings, which were drawn by our son in the school, furthermore he has learned to sing. They even celebrated various celebrations all over the year.

Every morning when our son wakes up he’s delighted to go to the school, which means he likes to spend his time there and for that we would like to say a thousand thanks to the teachers being sincere and understanding all those years as well as for teaching our son this much... read more"

Rita Bagdoniene
11th June 2013

"I think Little Scholars pre-school is very good as my child has improved a lot with his speech and I feel he is very happy in himself. Each one of the the teachers are very nice as they have played a big role in my child’s improvement. I found the teachers very friendly and helpful with my child and the other children.

I would strongly recommend Little Scholars Pre-school to anybody who is thinking of sending their children to Pre-School as the teachers are great  and there is a great atmosphere in the place. I would like to thank all the teachers who made it such an enjoyable experience for my child... read more"

Carmel Flood
9th June 2013

"I think Little Scholars is brilliant. All my children have gone there and you couldn’t ask for better staff and management. They really are brilliant with the kids there. My son has come on so much and benefited so much there. My first child I sent had a speech problem and I found with the help of Little Scholars he really improved.

My other son who is there at the moment was always quiet and only really enjoyed his own company, now he has made so many friends here, he always loves going every morning. My mind is at ease when the kids are there as I know they are well looked after and having fun, and coming home singing the songs they have learned that day.

I would honestly recommend Little Scholars to anyone, Tracy & Linda are patient, enthusiastic, and really easy to talk to. It has helped the kids prepare so much for school as they have come into know a routine, Thank you for giving us this opportunity to give you some praise as you’s deserve it... read more"

Edel McLoughlin
7th June 2013

"This preschool has really helped our daughter. She learned to communicate with her aged children, some English skills, songs and drawings, in addition to becoming self sufficient. She often used to say that the teachers are very good. And our opinion teachers were always pleasant and friendly.

Definitely recommend this preschool to everyone. Many thanks to all the teachers for their dedication and commitment and patience and enjoyable time ! Good luck to you... read more"

Vetra Noibutaite
6th June 2013

"I found the safety of how the children enter and exit the building very re-assuring. I found the teachers handling of the children warm and friendly.

There is the beginning of an education here. My little boy regularly comes home with rated work having been done in school of shapes, colours and number exercises on sheets, exactly what a playschool should be doing to teach them the basics in preparation for junior infants in big school.

I am also swayed that Little Scholars is run by a mother, that's a big thing for me, you know that there is automatic compassion there for all the children... read more"

Sarah Jane Ryan

"The teachers who cared for my daughter Amelia are very nice and well prepared to work with children. Their approach to children allowed my child to be happy. She wants to attend the programme activities conducted by them.

Contact with manager was very good. Certainly in the future I can even recommend my friends to this pre-school... read more"

Anna Bielok

"I found Little Scholars Pre-School one of the best schools in the Clondalkin area. Their teaching system is very good. My child is learning a lot of new things in this school.

The teachers are very friendly. They are really taking care of all the children. I think if anybody is looking for a pre-school for their children I can recommend Little Scholars... read more"

Jafar Iqbal

"Little Scholars is a brilliant pre-school that provided a brilliant start to my daughter's education. I feel that my daughter has learned and developed a huge amount since starting in September.

I find that Gemma's imagination and creativity has come a long way and being around children her own age has helped her enormously. I loved that Gemma learnt different songs throughout the year and that she was able to come home and sing for all her family.

The teachers are a great credit to themselves. They are great with the children always helpful and cheerful. All of the teachers looked after my daughter very well... read more"

Lorna McNally

"Little Scholars Pre-School came very highly recommended to me and to date it has met all my expectations. My daughter went in very shy and of course nervous but the change in her has been great.

This I have to credit to the very patient and caring staff to whom you could approach at any time with any concerns... read more"

Geraldine Carpenter

"As parents we found Little Scholars an excellent introduction to school life for Adam. We find the teachers polite, professional, caring and display an excellent duty of care to Adam.

From our first conversation with Tracey, we found her very easy to talk to and very informative about the activities in the pre-school... read more"

Mary & Richie Mulhall

"I have found Little Scholars to be a perfect pre-school. The teachers are very friendly. I became very confident that my child is in good hands.

I wish all the best to all the teachers and pupils in Little Scholars. Thank you very much... read more"

Abdul Mazid

"I was seven months pregnant on my second child when Carleigh started in Little Scholars. She was very upset when I dropped her on first day, this continued for the next four weeks. This was an extremely upsetting time for me to see Carleigh so upset but I cannot thank the teachers at Little Scholars enough as they reassured me that Carleigh would be fine in a couple of minutes.

The teachers made that emotional time for both Carleigh and I very calm. The teachers would take Carleigh in their arms and distract her. I felt very assured Carleigh was in excellent hands. When I would collect Carleigh she was a completely different child than when I dropped her off that morning... read more"

Karen Mooney

Since Sinead started with Little Scholars in Sept 2011, I have seen her grow and develop her social skills and engaging with other children her own age.

This has really helped her confidence grow. She comes home every day full of chat talking about what she has done, songs, rhymes and her letters... read more"

Geraldine Flemming

"My first son attended Little Scholars in his pre-school year and loved it, he settled in from day one and would go into school without a backwards glance as he was so excited to go in every day and because he got on so well.

Myself and my husband had no question where our second son would spend his pre-school year, he's shy so I was worried how he'd settle in, but he's fine, he knows all the teachers by name, he's not nervous at going to school as all the staff are so good.

I love the way the children's artwork is sent home dated as time passes so quickly and it's easy to forget ,but its great getting valentines, Easter cards etc. and I will be sending my third son all being well when it comes to his time to start pre-school... read more"

Patricia Harte

"I found Little Scholars on the website in the internet. Teachers are great, very nice people. They are very friendly.

My child was happy in this pre-school. She's polish and now she speaks English.

The contact with the manager was a nice experience, Tracey is a very nice person. I would recommend Little Scholars to other people... read more"

Oyliexelonis Kolomyme

"I found Little Scholars as a pre-school more than my expectations. The kids seem genuinely happy to be there. The pre-school is strong in arts and music and the location was convenient.

I liked the challenging curriculum, a warm and clean, safe environment and experienced teachers were friendly, caring and encouraging... read more"

Sultana Begium

"I found Little Scholars to be a very friendly pre-school. I found all the staff to be helpful. I found if there was something I needed to talk about with the staff they were very friendly and helpful and done whatever they could to make things easier.

I found my son took to all the staff straight away. I like the structure and routine it gave my son each day... read more"

Sharon Hendrick

"I would like to thank you all for the good work done, this is the place I would like all my children to be, before they start school because Finbar has picked up very, very well and when he started he did not know any English but now he is very good.

Thanks once again God bless you all. Thank you so much Tracy God bless you... read more"

Emelia Smith

"My son Anthony is attending Little Scholars Pre-School. He has two teachers Tracey and Linda, which I find very good.

Anthony has come on so well in such a short space of time, he really likes Linda and Tracey. I am very happy that Anthony is interacting well with other children now as he had a long battle with illness he was in hospital for a year.

I'd highly recommend Little Scholars to anybody. I also chose to send Anthony to Little Scholars as my daughter Sandrina also attended, Tracey the manager is so dedicated and warmly and makes everybody welcome and gives outstanding care to the children in her care... read more"

Feret Doyle

"Little Scholars is a great school, because my son enjoys it. The teachers looked after my son and he now knows good English.

The contact with the manger was nice. I will tell my friends to put their child in Little Scholars Pre-School... read more"

Kumar Bijoy

For more information about any of our services, please email us at: or call 086 052 6147.

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Little Scholars Pre-School respects and encourages the individuality of each child attending the service. We strive to do this by:

  • Providing a quality service
  • Caring for the physical, social, intellectual, language & emotional needs of each child
  • Providing a stimulating warm caring environment.
  • Helping each child gain his/her potential
  • Providing care in all areas to the child
  • Nurturing each child's individuality

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